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OwnerItem For SaleNotes
Rowan Queathem
Elkhart N series Conn 8D – asking $5,000
This instrument is a special find — I was VERY lucky to find this horn used around 2007-2008, and I played it for about 10 years and got so much joy out of it. It has a rich, dark, warm sound and plays beautifully. I just got it professionally cleaned and it’s in great condition, considering it was manufactured sometime between the 1930s and 1960s. I will also throw in a mouthpiece, leather hand grip, a well-padded hard case, and a mute. Please contact me if you’d like to try it out (text or email). Nickel silver, #N45252
Brian DeGayner
Holton 200 Descant Horn – asking $3,500 OBO
Bought used from Houghton Horns in 2016, this horn has been played throughout the Twin Cities, and is a fantastic option for the high horn player on a budget. Lacquered brass with nickel silver trim, screw bell, and it has the usual wear. It comes with a Marcus Bonna case with only one zipper. It has been professionally maintained by me, and has no damage. Asking $3500 or best offer. Email or call for more info or to try it out.
Paul Smith
1950’s Kruspe (Horner model) in top shape with excellent compression for sale – asking $3,900 if you’re a local buyer!I am selling my lovely 1950’s Kruspe (Horner model) and would like to give our Twin Cities Horn Club members the first opportunity to buy it before I list it on the IHS site. I bought it from the original owner who purchased it in New York. This horn is in top shape with excellent compression. I’ve enjoyed how it produces a glorious rich sound especially in the lower register but is also able to sing brightly. I will be listing it for $5,500 on the IHS website but am hoping this fine horn will go a local hornist. A newer horn case is included.
Jeff Ohlmann
Single B-flat horn with stopping valve – $395 or reasonable offer
A single B-flat horn can be a useful tool for certain repertoire or any time a lighter-weight horn is desired. This instrument is of unknown vintage and uncertain origin, as it was acquired through private sale and without pedigree in 2014. By visual cues it appears to be a Reynolds, probably circa 1950s-1960s, but otherwise has no discernible manufacturer’s markings except what presumably is serial number 42150. Potentially a collector’s item to an interested individual. It is in good playing condition with various minor dings and other cosmetic blemishes consistent with an instrument of its age, but no major problems. A flimsy black nylon gig bag is included, but the instrument is priced with the assumption that the buyer will want to purchase a better case such as a Protec MAX MX316CT.
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