Student Competitions

The Twin Cities Horn Club has established a special scholarship fund and process to underwrite serious horn students' application fees to major regional competitions.  This is available to students age 22 and younger.

We hope to achieve the following objectives:
  1. To encourage serious young horn students to hone their skills by entering concerto competitions offered by various organizations in the Twin Cities, providing financial support for their application fees;
  2. To encourage TCHC members and others to support young hornists by contributing to this designated fund;
  3. To build a cash reserve that will allow underwriting of several students’ competition fees every fiscal year;
  4. To visibly support the educational and mentoring aspects of our mission. 
STUDENTS, take a look at the list linked below and talk to your teacher about whether you should enter one of these competitions. When you're ready, you can complete an application form found here:

TEACHERS, if you have a student who would benefit from competing, let them know about this opportunity.

TCHC MEMBERS, if you would like to help us build up this fund, send a donation via PayPal or by mail, designating it "scholarship fund." You can find the PayPal link and our mailing address on this tab of our website: Support Us  We would love to have your contribution on an "open" basis, but if you'd prefer that it be used to underwrite the fees for a particular competition, just let us know!  Also, if you have promotional material to share for any particular competition, let us know and we'll do our best to publicize it.

Find a list of upcoming competitions (sorted by submission deadline) here:  Regional Concerto Competitions