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Yamaha 667 “Lukas” conversion double horn - made by Dan Vidican (Memphis) [posted 6/13/19] Emily Green is selling her Yamaha 667 “Lukas” conversion - made by Dan Vidican (Memphis) -Purchased in November 2015 (horn), case purchased in 2013 -Price: $7,000, including a Pope MB5 black case -Serial: 006085 -Horn has dimes (can be removed if requested), Alexander flipper (adjustable), and Alexander pinky ring (adjustable) -Unlacquered, detachable bell -Some superficial scarring on the throat of the horn where dents have been removed -Horn was just cleaned/maintenanced -Case is in good shape with some general wear and tear. Contact Emily at for photos and other info! 
Twin Cities Horn Club T-shirts $15.00 - details and sizes are on the order form - 
Looking for Conn 8D [posted 4/5/19] Kristy Johnson is looking for a Conn 8D double horn for HS daughter to continue her playing into college. Prefer gold brass over silver nickel and fixed bell. Must be great condition. Email 
Looking to rent a single or double horn [posted 11/28/17] Aubrey Olson wants to join a community band and needs to find a horn! Contact her at if you have one for rent.. 
1950’s Kruspe (Horner model) in top shape with excellent compression for sale [still available 12/5/18] Paul Smith writes, “I am selling my lovely 1950’s Kruspe (Horner model) and would like to give our Twin Cities Horn Club members the first opportunity to buy it before I list it on the IHS site. I bought it from the original owner who purchased it in New York. This horn is in top shape with excellent compression. I’ve enjoyed how it produces a glorious rich sound especially in the lower register but is also able to sing brightly. I will be listing it for $5,500 on the IHS website but am hoping this fine horn will go a local hornist. A newer horn case is included.” Contact Paul at or 651.442.8590 
1979 Conn 8D, SN GJ94001 for sale [posted 1/29/19] Conn 8D CONNstellation Double French Horn. 1979. SN GJ94001. Has leather hand grip, and extensions added to keys because my hands are small. Very good condition. I bought this in college and played in community orchestra and theater for the next 20 years. Includes mute, shammy. $3,000. Additional Giardinelli mouthpiece negotiable. Contact Lois Grassl at 952.255.8697. 
Free Gig Bag! [posted 2/23/19] Becky Monson has a (fixed bell) gig bag style horn case. It's free - you just need to pick it up from her! If interested, contact her at 
Seeking a descant horn to borrow or rent for a few weeks [posted 2/4/19] Denny McGinn writes: I am looking to borrow a descant horn for a couple of weeks (a rental agreement would be acceptable). I have a project in mind and would like to investigate whether a descant horn will help me with a particular piece. Contact Denny at or cell: 651-324-4007 
Wanted: horn for beginning student [posted 10/30/18] Alicia Acken is looking for a appropriate horn for her 6th-grade-beginning horn player. Hopefully under $700. Contact her at 
Wanted: Double Horn for 10th Grade Student [still looking 7/25/17] Michelle Frost is looking for a good used horn, a step up from a student-level model, for her 10th-grade daughter who studies with Brian Jensen. Considering Conn, Yamaha, Holton, and others. Detachable bell a plus. Contact Michelle at 
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