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Holton Double for sale [posted 5/10/22] Paul McKenzie is selling the Holton double he used in college. It has the Bb on top and the F underneath, but the trigger still engages the Bb side. Contact him at or 612.655.1236. 
C. G. Conn 8DRS CONNstellation - $3,500 with case and mouthpiece [posted 3/30/22] From Henry Rieffer: I bought this horn new from Groth Music in 2016 and played it through high school and the first half of college before upgrading to a Lawson. This horn plays exactly like most newer 8Ds with a beautiful tone that is only enhanced by the rose brass material, which Conn discontinued in 2018. This horn is in great condition, having just been ultrasonically cleaned and serviced by Melanie Ditter of Rogue Repair. 90% of the lacquer is still intact. Valves compressions are (in order) 3.0, 3.0, 2.0, 3.0. There is a small patch on the third B-flat slide. Includes a Clebsch Strap, Protec IPAC Deluxe case, and a Conn 7BW mouthpiece. Contact Henry Rieffer at to schedule a trial or purchase this horn. 
Paxman Descant - asking $4,500 [posted 4/7/22] From John Sassaman: I would like to sell my Paxman Descant locally. I paid $5500 for it, selling for $4500. It is in excellent condition. Recently cleaned and gone over by Melanie Ditter. I am not using it any longer, but it is a great horn. It features a stopping valve, and a Low F extension. Comes with a MB Case. If interested, leave a message for me at 612.520.1657 
Holton 200 Descant Horn - asking $3,500 OBO [posted 4/1/22] From Brian DeGayner: Bought used from Houghton Horns in 2016, it’s been played throughout the Twin Cities, and is a fantastic option for the high horn player on a budget. Lacquered brass with nickel silver trim, screw bell, and it has the usual wear. It comes with a Marcus Bonna case with only one zipper. It has been professionally maintained by me, and has no damage. Asking $3500 or best offer. Please email me at or call at 651.491.7344 for more info or to try it out.  
Mid-80s Conn 8D and accessories, asking $4,000. [posted 10/23/21] Conn 8D Double French Horn, detachable bell. Production date unsure mid-80s. SN161770. Backpack case, Mute, Hornstand, and Mouthpiece included in asking price. Regular yearly cleanings since being bought in 2016 from a reputable Conn Dealer in Boston, MA. Asking $4000. Contact Mariah at 715.225.9544 or Located in Eau Claire, but willing to meet to sell. 
1979 Conn 8D, SN GJ94001 for sale - asking $3,000 [posted 1/29/19; still available 9/25/21] Conn 8D CONNstellation Double French Horn. 1979. SN GJ94001. Has leather hand grip, and extensions added to keys because my hands are small. Very good condition. I bought this in college and played in community orchestra and theater for the next 20 years. Includes mute, shammy. $3,000. Additional Giardinelli mouthpiece negotiable. Contact Lois Grassl at 715.379.5556. 
Paxman 20A "New World" - asking $4,000 OBO [posted 6/20/20] Andrew Karre is selling his Paxman 20A, serial number 58814 (made in 1988). It's unlaquered brass with a factory screw bell. It needs a cleaning and it has a couple dents that need to be removed but nothing major. It has dimes soldered to the valve levers and a hand rest. The case is not in great shape, but it's usable. Includes the Trumcor mute as well as a Paxman-Halstead-Chidell mouthpiece. He's owned it since 1996, but it hasn't been played regularly since 2002. He's located in St. Paul for contactless tryout. He can send you a bunch of photos! $4000 or best offer. Contact him at 
Seeking advice & trial on a King "Eroica" horn [posted 10/6/20, still seeking advice 5/18/21] Betsy Olson is an adult horn player without a horn who might be interested in purchasing a King “Eroica” model. However, she’s never tried one and is wondering if any of us has one that she might try for a few minutes (meet up with her somewhere in the ‘Cities and she’ll bring her own mouthpiece). Contact Betsy at 
1950’s Kruspe (Horner model) in top shape with excellent compression for sale - asking $3,900 if you're a local buyer! [still available 5/17/21] Paul Smith writes, “I am selling my lovely 1950’s Kruspe (Horner model) and would like to give our Twin Cities Horn Club members the first opportunity to buy it before I list it on the IHS site. I bought it from the original owner who purchased it in New York. This horn is in top shape with excellent compression. I’ve enjoyed how it produces a glorious rich sound especially in the lower register but is also able to sing brightly. I will be listing it for $5,500 on the IHS website but am hoping this fine horn will go a local hornist, for whom the price would be $3,900! A newer horn case is included.” Contact Paul at or 651.442.8590 
Reynolds Contempora FE 03 double horn for sale - $995 (formerly $1,475), case included. [still available 5/17/21] Jenna McBride-Harris is selling a gently used full double horn (a Reynolds Contempora c. mid 1970's) that was carefully cleaned and refurbished recently by Jason Bystrom at Red Wing Music. This Reynolds horn has a lovely sound, slots beautifully (especially on the F horn slide) and would be an instrument that she would heartily recommend to a young serious student. If you are seriously considering the horn, Jenna can offer a trial period. Contact for more info, photos, etc. 
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